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All My Life I Wanted to be Somebody....

...Now who the hell was it?


Christy Carol House was born on December 26, 1962 in Dallas Texas. And though living in Dallas in November of 1963 had nothing WHATSOEVER to do with the Kennedy assassination or the resulting conspiratorial cover up. Contrary to published reports I was not the "baby on the knoll".

While I was born in Dallas, Texas, I grew up in the Los Angeles area and attended the University of Southern California where I got to watch Marcus Allen gain 2000 yards in a season for the first time in College Football history behind one of the greatest offensive lines known to the sport.

I majored in Drama and minored in Anthropology. I participated in a program called Thematic Option which allowed me to work with and study with, at that time International Anthropologist of the year, Dr. Barbara Myerhoff. She was famous for having done the first field study of the Huichol Indians of Mexico and had just won an Academy Award for her documentary "Number Our Days" about the old Jewish Community in Venice California. She was instrumental in developing something we now call "Ethnographic" film which was in it's baby stages at that time.

After graduating I spent 2 years off and on with a theatre company in the UK called "Festival Theatre USA" and when I came home I took what I thought would be a summer job working in on board services for Amtrak.  That summer has turned out to be almost a quarter of a century long.  Two years ago I was elected to the office of Local Chairman of TCU/IAM Local Lodge 2508.  It has been a major turning point in my life.  I can't tell you how proud I am to be a part of the Modern American Labor Movement which is fighting to rebuild this country for the middle class.  I work every day to try and make a difference in the lives of the over 500 people I directly represent as well as all working class trade unionists.  Please investigate the Union of which I am so very proud at

Along with Amtrak I've also spent the last 25 years having a pretty unremarkable acting career as well doing commercials, voice overs and some really really bad movies and TV shows. No. You probably wouldn't recognize me. Oh how I wish that weren't true.  I do show up when you Google me...but don't believe everything you read.

While I live in Pasadena California I spend a lot of time traveling, mostly back and forth to Seattle Washington and I own 4 and a half acres and a family graveyard in Southern Illinois.

My hero is my 8 year old daughter named Calamity Jaye whom I am proud to be raising with my best friend, her father, Jay Marentay. When she was born I knew that I would love her. I never realized how much I would LIKE and ADMIRE her. She is so kind and funny and empathetic and brave. Going to the third grade and having to learn a lot of brand new things every day is hard work. But she greets every single day with humor and hope. I wish that I could be more like her.  She is the single bravest human being I know.

I'm a practicing Witch and and Initiate of several Traditions of Western Esotericism and if you asked around the "Pagan Community" such as it is they might know who I was. I've read Tarot Cards professionally for almost 15 years.  I believe that "God" is too mysterious a thing to be arrived at by any one path.  At the same time I don't balance my chakras or pray to crystals or talk to your dead relatives. I believe that mostly "New Age" rhymes with Sewage.

As a dear friend likes to tell me, "Christy, you are not any one thing."  I believe in Passion as it applies to all things.  Fortune favors the bold!  I love good books, good acting in any medium, good art, good sports, good food.  I am an esoteric and believe in the Grand Mystery inherent in all things.  I believe I am a part of that Mystery and in seeking it, seek to know myself.  I am interested in spirited debate and in those people who participate in it...who participate in EVERYTHING...mostly without limits.  Or those perhaps who participate beyond their own assumed limits.  I believe in the too much that

I am currently trying to give birth to several books living inside me, as one of the many things I'd like to do before I leave this planet is leave something worth reading.  Thank you for reading this.  Stay tuned and watch me reinvent myself, because it isn't what REALLY happens that matters, but the story you tell yourself about it.





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A favorite Christy quote: "Do I contradict myself? I am vast."


I agree with everything you posted in this entry, I'm a loyal reader so please keep updating so frequently.

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