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Personal Mission Statement

I read this in a book I found at Starbucks called "5--Where will you be five years from today" by Dan Zadra. One of the exercises in the book is called:

Choose Your Mission. (Your life is worth a noble motive!)

Write your personal Mission Statement. There is no specific format for writing your personal mission statement-only you will know how to write it-but try to keep it clear, brief and exciting. Just ask yourself, "What is my calling, my life's aim? What inspires me the most? What activity or service are my core values urging me to pursue?"

Some examples:

Walt Disney: My mission in life is to make people happy.

Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google: My mission is to collect all the world's information and make it accessible to everyone.

Anitra Freeman, Artist: I believe creativity is the essence of being human. I believe I make myself, and I won't buy my soul off the rack.

Phil Knight, Founder, Nike: My mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.

Rebecca Jones, Rancher: My life's mission is to protect and save early American farm animals such as the American Guinea hog and the Ben Franklin turkey from extinction.

So here is mine:

Christy House, Performer, Railroader, Union Activist:

We live in an era full of information but often devoid of real communication. Without the ability to reach each other and share in some meaningful way our feelings, thoughts, goals, intentions, emotions, fears, passions and all that makes us human we are a doomed race. My mission in life is to create and facilitate ALL forms communication. My mission in life is to inform, educate, enlighten, empower and ENTERTAIN.


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I really like your thoughs.If everyone thinks like that everything will change.If sit in a bus, we have a destinaton.But in the bus of life, few people have a target.

Marriage is the process of finding out what kind of man your wife would have preferred.

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