A Tribute to John McKay

A Last Tribute to John McKayAugust 9, 2013 at 8:51pm

Well okay…I’ve been looking through some of my old journals from the 70’s. I was a weird kid….and I happened upon this! I guess I didn’t show it to anyone or do anything with it…but with USC in the Rose Bowl I thought I would share…

Dated November 8, 1975

A Last Tribute to John McKay
Well John you said you’d leave us. 

 We never thought you could.
We thought we could exist without you. 

 We haven’t proved we could.

You’ve been here a lot of seasons. 16 to be exact.  
And we’d have fumbled every play if you hadn’t been in the act.

We won’t leave National Champs John. No last Rose Bowl for you.
Your 16 years are through. But we at USC in our hearts there’s a place for you.

An era is ending and no use for sentiment.
But let me tell you this John…they were 16 years well spent.
We had lost that day to Stanford 10-13 and John McKay was headed to Tampa and I guess I was taking it pretty hard..<sigh><sigh>.

It was signed “C.C. House”……

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