And in an instant…Christy is truly born…

They said it wouldn’t be painful. I don’t remember who said it but at the time I believed it. Why wouldn’t I? I mean cracking an egg should be freeing and therefore glorious. Breaking out of your shell should be the pinnacle if not the beginning of your life.  We forget that all things including ourselves are born in blood.
This was different. The egg was fibrous and connected. Not so much a brittle shell as a web. I could feel the wings fight against the limits. I knew that we would be connected. That is the way of things here. But I didn’t realize that it would be like being born all over again.
I lay back in the grass and tried to breath. The sky seemed huge which was as it should be.  As my recognizing of it was as well.  My heart was pounding. I suppose in hope or anticipation.  I guess I should have felt afraid but it was all that I wanted.  And as it’s said DESIRE was the first of all created things.

Suddenly it became dark….no sky, no sun. When I looked up what I saw was red like blood. Then I knew…it was the wings of my beast. My soul mate. My reason d’être.  
I rose up. Now knowing my purpose.  All that was left was the doing of it.  Her head leaned down and we touched cheeks. I could hear her without a voice as I am sure she could hear me. We turned towards the sun together. There was much to do. Time to get started.  The first lesson to learn….that rebirth is not only possible but our birthright…our destiny.

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