Even Ice Cream can’t make 2018 Politics taste better…

Pondering on the why’s and why nots of the shutdown with a friend I came up with this analogy.
“Ahhhhh. But of course. It would be hard to really come up with a logical argument for this. But let me try and explain it in a way easier to understand.
A baseball team goes into an ice cream shop. The biggest best team in the whole city! This is the team all the other teams want to be like. They are fighting over flavors. 60% of the team wants Vanilla. 40% of the team wants chocolate. They decide to vote. The chocolate lovers all vote for chocolate. But they don’t have enough votes. Well it would be Vanilla but the Vanilla lovers split because some of them say Strawberry might be better. SO some of the team members get together and decide on Neapolitan ice cream would work if there was a little more Vanilla in it than the other 2. They take this idea about Neapolitan to the Coach. He says “No Way! It’s all Vanilla. Vanilla is best. If you don’t get Vanilla then no Ice Cream for any of you and don’t you dare ask for any ice cream to take home to your friends or younger brothers and sisters. The Vanilla lovers get together in tears trying to figure out how to hide the strawberry ice cream in the vanilla so the coach won’t see it but their friends the strawberry lovers can still get what they want. The chocolate lovers know they aren’t getting any chocolate. And after the Coach told them that there is no way to get what they want then it’s try and swallow the flavor they don’t think is best and hope the next time they come to the shop everybody can get something they like. The rest of the teams in the city think these guys are really really stupid. And they bet they can take them in the next game. And oh well. More ice cream for them!!!!



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