Since you asked…

Christy Carol House was born on December 26, 1962 in Dallas, Texas.

 And while living in Dallas in November of 1963 she swears that she had nothing to do with Kennedy’s assassination or the resulting conspiracy.  She claims she was in her playpen at the time.  She was NOT the baby on the knoll.

She grew up in the Los Angeles area and attended the University of Southern California where she got to watch Marcus Allen gain 2000 yards in a season for the first time in College Football history behind one of the greatest offensive lines known to the sport.

She double majored in Drama and Anthropology. She participated there in a program called Thematic Option which allowed her to work with and study with, at that time International Anthropologist of the year, Dr. Barbara Myerhoff. Dr. Myerhoff was famous for having done the first field study of the Huichol Indians of Mexico and had just won an Academy Award for her documentary “Number Our Days” about the old Jewish Community in Venice California. Dr. Myerhoff was instrumental in developing something we now call “Ethnographic” film which was in it’s baby stages at that time.

After graduating she spent 2 years off and on with a theatre company in the UK called “Festival Theatre USA” and when she came home she took what she thought would be a summer job working in on board services for Amtrak. She spent the last 28+ years traveling with the railroad as well as having a pretty unremarkable acting career doing commercials, voice overs and some really really bad movies and TV shows.  And has been paid to sing as well as do stand-up.   She was blessed and proud to be elected local chairman of lodge 2508 in the TCU/IAM serving the working men and women of onboard services.

She is a practicing Witch and an Initiate of several Traditions of Western Esotericism and if you asked around the “Pagan Community” such as it is they might know who she was. At the same time she doesn’t balance her chakras or pray to crystals or talk to your dead relatives. She believes that mostly “New Age” rhymes with Sewage.

 And when asked “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?” she replies “I am an excellent witch.  If a bad witch wants to be good they should practice more!”

By far her greatest accomplishment and best job has been being the mother of the remarkable and talented and funny and kind Calamity Jaye Marentay.

While currently living in Ocala Florida the “Horse Capitol of the World” she owns 4 and a half acres and a family graveyard in Southern Illinois.

 It is her fervent hope that her career as a performer isn’t over yet and that perhaps a new career as an author is beginning.  Towards that end she is working on her one woman show tentatively titled “It Never Stopped Her Before.”